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Meet The Provider — Dr. Arnauld Oreste

When Dr. Arnauld Oreste of Keystone Pediatrics Waynesboro cares for his patients, he thinks of them as family.

“Each child I examine is like I am examining my own son,” he said. “Taking care of patients and being an advocate for children is my life’s motive. I really enjoy my time with the kids and parents and finally found my place in the medical field. I always feel like being in the hospital or at the clinic is the place where I feel really happy.”

His favorite parts of being a healthcare provider are being with patients and their families, listening and discussing health issues, teaching them, answering their questions, encouraging them, and delivering the best care possible to help the child feel better.

“Seeing a smile on the face of a child or a family member when the child improves is the best thing that can happen in medicine,” he said.

When Keystone Pediatrics Waynesboro opened last year, Dr. Oreste knew it was the right fit for him.

“I was interviewed in Kentucky, Albany, Atlanta, Virginia, and other places,” he said. “But the huge difference between those places and Keystone was that Keystone’s healthcare was people-related. You can feel the humanity at Keystone. Everyone is working to help the population get through this difficult health system, and get children the care that they need. I was really impressed by that and felt that working here would help me put my small piece of rock in this huge building.”