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When Zack first started here I thought it would fix his handwriting. It was so messy the teacher at school had him  using a dictation program on the iPad because he couldn’t read his own writing, and she couldn’t either. I was shocked at all of the other benefits that came with working with Joy (at Keystone Pediatric Therapies).  Zack had always been a shy reader, and would get flustered easily. Less than 6 months of working with Joy, I am amazed! His teacher at school is amazed. He now raises his hand to read out loud in class, and no longer loses his place, or gets flustered. Zack now is more organized overall: his room, book bag, even his desk at school. I couldn’t be happier with the choice of coming here to help him. If I didn’t bring him up here to be tested to see what was wrong, I think he would have eventually hated school, and not being able to write well, or read well would have had an impact on his self-esteem. Now his self esteem is at an all time high, and he enjoys school and reading.