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We are a full-service, family-centered, primary care facility providing quality, affordable, accessible health care.

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Our Programs

At Keystone Pediatric Therapies, we offer many programs for patients and their families. For more information on any of the programs listed below, please contact our office at (717) 709-7997 or send us an email at email@keystonehealth.org.


Autism Program – Our unique autism program is designed to specifically address the core skills children living with autism struggle with that impede their performance in academic, functional, and daily tasks.  Our comprehensive program evaluates each child for their unique strengths and areas of need and includes training and support for families and care-givers.  Emphasis is on developing core skills through a natural play/activity environment versus memorization.

Social Groups – We offer social groups for children living with autism and other related disorders.  Social groups are managed by occupational and speech therapists with an emphasis on facilitating communication, social comprehension, confidence, and coping skills such as knowing how to understand and meet the needs of others.

Low Vision – For children, many struggles at school, playing sports, home, or in the community can be attributed to delays in visual development as well as other vision disorders (ex. dyslexia).  We can evaluate and determine contributing factors and work on them through occupational therapy.

Wheelchair Positioning Assessment – We can offer a comprehensive wheelchair seating assessment and work with vendors to adjust and/or obtain appropriate seating to facilitate mobility and function.

Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment Assessment – Assistive technology can improve functional independence in daily living and communication skills.  Whether a child has cognitive or physical disabilities, AT can improve their quality of life.  This assessment will look at the specific needs of the child and family and match them up with AT to help achieve those goals.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Assessment – With so many kids having communication problems, especially with autism, evaluating, setting up, and training a child on a communication device can greatly enhance quality of life and his/her ability to interact at home, school, and in the community, opening doors of opportunity for growth and development in all areas.

Home/Environmental Assessment – Accessibility issues at home can impede function.  The Home Assessment offers recommendations and strategies to make home life safer and more accessible, per accessibility guidelines.

Feeding – Feeding issues are common in children living with a physical disability as well as those living with autism or sensory processing dysfunction.  Our occupational therapist can assist with sensory, motor, and positioning issues to help children be more independent in feeding.

Swallowing – COMING SOON- Through our speech therapy program, our Pediatric Dysphagia can help address swallowing issues in children.

Pre-Vocational and Vocational Training -COMING SOON- Transitioning from school into the workforce can be difficult for individuals living with a disability.  Through occupational and speech therapy, we can evaluate individual skills, identify interests, and build skills both at our facility as well as working with local merchants to help individuals with disabilities prepare for and find a job or place to volunteer.